prof. Ing.

Jaroslav Smutný


ZEL – Professor

+420 541 147 325


Consulting Hours

Po až Pa 9:00-13:00

Guaranteed courses Academic Year 2023/24

BN091 Environment and Trasportation Structures
BN092 CAD in Transportation Structures
CN002 Geographic Information Systems
CN004 Railway Constructions II
CN055 Selected Problems of Traffic Engineering
NNA008 Geographic Information Systems
NNB012 Selected Problems of Traffic Engineering
NNB014 Railway Constructions II
VNC001 Environment and Trasportation Structures
VNC002 CAD in Transportation Structures

Pedagogical activities

  • Geographical information systems, BIM
  • Experimentation in the field of transport buildings and structures, measurement technology and modelling (noise, vibration, stress, temperature, FEM, noise and vibration prediction, rail defects, analysis of measured signals in time, frequency and time-frequency domain, machine learning and artificial intelligence methods.
  • Computing (3D road design, digital terrain model, Bentley OpenRoadDesigner/OpenRailDesigner products, Civil 3D)