Social Safety

The Faculty of Civil Engineering (FCE), as well as the whole of Brno University of Technology (BUT), does not tolerate any form of undesirable behaviour; for example, discrimination, sexual harassment, unlawful coercion or bullying - both between lecturers, other staff and students and between the students themselves. Our priority is to ensure that a collegial atmosphere prevails at the Faculty and the Code of Conduct is followed. Social safety is further addressed in Guideline no. 8/2023 - On Social Safety at BUT and Methodical directive no. 4/2023 - Methodical directive on Social Safety at BUT.

If you are the object of, or witness, any unwanted behaviour, we have systems in place to help you effectively defend yourself or to protect others. If you witness any undesirable behaviour, or wish to make a suggestion to avoid such behaviour, at the faculty we would urge you to contact the person below so the issue can be addressed.

If the actions of this contact person are discriminatory or they act in any other way that violates social safety, please make direct contact with either the Dean, prof. Ing. Rostislav Drochytka, CSc., MBA, dr. h. c, or the Faculty Officer for Social Safety, Mrs. Ing. Jana Hodná, Ph.D. She is also available to discuss any suggestions that might contribute to an improvement in the social safety at the faculty.

The contact person is authorized to receive suggestions/reports of undesirable behaviours and to provide basic counselling. They are not authorised to directly deal with suggestions, but, with your permission, they will pass them on to the BUT Social Safety Coordinator.

You can also place your written suggestions/notifications in the physical mailbox located in the Library Information Center. This location can be found around the corner to the right before entering the red study room.

Please note that we must deal with formal complaints, notifications and suggestions and the Police may be involved in the investigation of more serious offences as, in this regard, the powers of the Faculty or BUT are limited.

Social safety is a sensitive issue and therefore any communication will be completely anonymous. Therefore, you do not need to worry about further abuse or the disclosure of the situation under investigation.
Finally, thank you for your contribution in maintaining a socially safe atmosphere, not only within our faculty, but also throughout the whole of BUT.

Students or employees in need of psychological counselling can also contact: Lifelong Learning Institute of the Brno University of Technology.

Those who are interested in these issues can find further information on the BUT website: Social Safety or in the current BUT legislation and related documents.