Organisational Structure

Institute of Metal and Timber Structures

Professional Focus

The orientation of the pedagogical and the scientific profile of all academic workers of the department is aimed at a wide range of steel and timber structure problems. However the pedagogical work and participation within the framework of project and expertise activity is oriented to the thematic ranges at a particular department workers. These thematic ranges are for example problems of metal structures (Prof. J. Melcher, Prof. M. Karmazínová, Assoc.Prof. M. Bajer, instructors M. Šmak, M. Pilgr, J. Barnat, M. Štrba, S. Buchta, K. Sýkora), metal bridges (Prof. M. Karmazínová, M. Štrba, J. Barnat), timber structures (Prof. J. Melcher, M. Šmak, J. Barnat, M. Pilgr, S. Buchta), steel-concrete composite structures (Prof. M. Karmazínová, M. Štrba, M. Pilgr), cold-formed thin-walled structures (Prof. J. Melcher), information technology and automation (Assoc.Prof. M. Bajer, M. Šmak, M. Pilgr), experimental verification and probabilistic approaches in the field of the design of load-carrying civil structures (Prof. J. Melcher, Prof. M. Karmazínová) etc.