RNDr. Mgr.

Jaroslav Lindr


SPV – Assistant professor

+420 541 147 693


Consulting Hours

pondělí 10-12 h

Guaranteed courses

AZ002 Sociology
BZ003 Social Communication
BZA002 Social Communication
BZA012 Sociology (APS)
BZB006 Communication and Rhetoric
BZB008 Sociology
CZ052 Ethics in Business
CZ057 Presentation Skills
CZ53 History and Philosophy of Technology
CZ54 Pedagogy for Engineers
GZ52 Sociology
GZ53 Communication and Rhetorics
NZB011 Pedagogy for Engineers
NZB012 Ethics in Business
NZB013 Presentation Skills
NZB015 Presentation Skills (MI)
NZB016 Presentation Skills (EVB)
NZB020 History and Philosophy of Technology
NZB021 Ethics in Business
TY53 Ethics in Business
ZD2 Personal Direction

Data valid for the current academic year

Teached courses

AZ002 Sociology
NZB012 Ethics in Business
NZB013 Presentation Skills
NZB021 Ethics in Business

Údaje platné pro aktuální akademický rok

Pedagogical activities

  • GZ52 Sociology (3rd year Bc.),
  • GZ53 Communication and Rhetorics (3rd year Bc.),
  • AZ002 Sociology (4th year Bc.),
  • BZ003 Social communication (4th year Bc.),
  • CZ052 Ethics in Business (1st year NMg., 2st year NMg.),
  • CZ054 Pedagogy for Engineers (1st year NMg., 2nd year NMg.),
  • CZ057 Presentation Skills (1st year NMg., 2nd year NMg.
  • TY51 History and Hhilosophy of Engineers (1st year NMg.),
  • TY52 Pedagogigy for Engineers (1st year NMg.),
  • TY53 Ethics in business (2nd year NMg.),
  • Faculty of applied arts BUT: PEM Pedagogy minimum 1, 2, 3,
  • Faculty of architecture: Philosophy and Sociology