Organisational Structure

Institute of Technology of Building Materials and Components

Professional Focus

  • Technology of traditional binders (cement, lime, plaster)
  • Production and use of traditional building materials (concrete, mortar, ceramics)
  • Modern building materials and processes (lightweight building materials, polymers, geopolymers, high-performance cement composites)
  • Repair and protection of concrete, masonry and wooden structures
  • Life cycle of materials (LCA/EPD, optimal use of building materials in construction, maintenance, recycling, reuse)
  • Replacement of primary non-renewable raw materials with waste, alternative and easily renewable raw materials
  • Insulating materials for energy efficiency of buildings (classic, natural, super insulating)
  • Research and development of materials with a reduced carbon footprint
  • Economic aspects of production and use of building materials in structures
  • BIM from the point of view of building materials and components
  • Automation and robotization in the production and construction of building structures from the point of view of building materials
  • Expertise in the specialization of products for construction - microstructure of silicate materials and properties of prefabricated elements


Assistant professor