Organisational Structure

Institute of Technology of Building Materials and Components

Professional Focus

  • Scientific and research activities are focused on technology, usage, research and development of building materials, including their testing. The research of building materials and components is conducted with regard to their life cycle and economical use. Substantial attention is also devoted to the ecological point of view.
  • The results of research are applicable in building and technological practice, as well as in the area of research and development of building materials and components. These research and scientific findings are being published in domestic and foreign specialized press and literature and they are used for professional training, seminars and conferences and for the training for university specialists.
  • Common subject to almost all research areas is utilization of waste materials.
  • All areas of performance of a buildings and particularly in heat, air, moisture and sound transfer (building insulation envelope, materials and systems, building interactions with the environment).
  • General research areas and specialists:<ul><li>Concrete technology, special types of concrete, SCC, light, dense, RPC, recycled concrete (Hela)</li><li>Concrete structures maintenance, concrete durability, protection of concrete structures (Drochytka, Bydzovsky, Dufka)</li><li>Polymer building materials (Drochytka)</li><li>Building Physics (labour of building physic) (Stastnik, Zach)</li><li>Cement, hydration heat development (Zach)</li><li>Ceramic, heat resistance, bricks etc. (Sokolar)</li><li>Timber, durability, site investigation methods (Vanerek)</li></ul>


Assistant professor