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Sewerage Systems – town drainage

Academic Year 2024/25

DPB030 course is part of 4 study plans

DKA-V Winter Semester 2nd year

DPA-V Winter Semester 2nd year

DKC-V Winter Semester 2nd year

DPC-V Winter Semester 2nd year

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8 credits



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13 weeks, 3 hours/week, elective


1. Introduction to the problems and meet with the topics and basic concepts. 2. Sorts of sewerage systems and their schematics. 3. Assesment of design discharge of sewerages. 4. Assesment of design discharge of rainy sewerage water and processing udometric data. 5. Hydraulics - summary axiom for non-pressure streaming. 6. Pipe materials of sewerage networks and objects on sewerage networks. 7. Sewer connections, overfow and rainy basin. 8. Verification of watertightness on sewerage networks. 9. Servicing and maintenance of sewerage networks. 10. Non-traditional means of sewers (pressure, vacual and small-profile sewerage). 11. Build-up of sewerage networks. 12. Rehabilitation of sewerage networks. 13. Information about examinations, exercise in examine problems.