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Information systems and digital cartography

Academic Year 2024/25

DEB065 course is part of 4 study plans

DKA-GK Winter Semester 2nd year

DPA-GK Winter Semester 2nd year

DKC-GK Winter Semester 2nd year

DPC-GK Winter Semester 2nd year

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8 credits



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13 weeks, 3 hours/week, elective


I. Information systems 1. Introduction. definition of information system (IS), basic concepts. Anthony's paradigm, IS history, IS types. 2. Theory of information, data, information, knowledge, evidence, wisdom. IS with territorial link, IS relation and GIS. 3. IS lifecycle, IS design methods (structured and object design), UML diagrams. 4. Security IS, motivation, basic concepts, methods, cryptographic algorithms, electronic signature, GDPR. 5. Transactional and analytical systems (OLTP, OLAP). Data warehouses and data markets. Issues of ITSM (Information Technology System Management). 6. Social aspects of IS. The notion of globalization, information and knowledge society. 7. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Application of IS in state administration. ISKN, e-Government (system of 4 basic registers), GeoInfoStrategie. II. Digital Cartography and GIS 8. GIS Analytical Tools, the issue of creating a digital cartographic work. 9. Cartographic modeling in vector data model environments. 10. Cartographic modeling methods in raster data model environment. 11. Classification of spatial data. 12. Optimization tasks in GIS environment, network analysis and optimal localization tasks.