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Applied physics

Academic Year 2024/25

DBB012 course is part of 3 study plans

DKA-V Summer Semester 1st year

DPA-V Summer Semester 1st year

DKC-V Summer Semester 1st year

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8 credits



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13 weeks, 3 hours/week, elective


1. Overview of basic notions of heat conduction. 2. Steady state heat conduction through a sandwich cylinder structure. 3. Heat transfer through heterogeneous interphases. 4. Estimation of surface coefficients of heat transfer using the principle of physical similarity. 5. Overview of basic notions of heat convection. 6. Hydrodynamic and thermokinetic similarity. 7. Heat transfer from a moving heat-carrying medium. 8. Overview of basic notions of heat radiation. 9. Kirchhoff laws of radiating field. 10. Radiation of absolute black bodies and gray bodies. 11. Heat exchange between two planes. 12. Radiation within closed air cavities inside building structures. 13. Combined heat transfer.