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Building Physics 1

Academic Year 2024/25

BHA044 course is part of 1 study plan

BPC-APS Winter Semester 3rd year

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1 credit



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13 weeks, 2 hours/week, elective


1. Fundamentals in heat transfer. Thermal comfort in buildings. 2. Steady state heat flux, U-value determination. 3. Temperature profile for steady state conditions. 4. Influence of a reflective (aluminium) foil on U-value of the structure with non-ventilated air cavity. 5. Surface properties, risk of a surface condensation and mould grows, critical surface temperature and humidity, dew point temperature. 6. Thermal properties of windows and doors. 7. Two dimensional temperature profile of characteristic details (critical places in structures - thermal bridges and corners). 8. Assessment and determination of condensation regions into structures, additional protection against vapour and moisture. 9. Annual balance of condensated and evaporated amounts in the structure. 10. Non-steady state heat flux. 11. Floor categories, surface temperature drop. 12. Thermal stability of rooms. 13. Energy efficiency and energy consumption in buildings.