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Technology of Constructions 1

BWA002 course is part of 4 study plans

Bc. full-t. program BPC-SI > spS compulsory Summer Semester 3rd year 4 credits

Bc. full-t. program BPC-MI compulsory Summer Semester 3rd year 4 credits

Bc. full-t. program BPA-SI compulsory Summer Semester 3rd year 4 credits

Bc. combi. program BKC-SI compulsory Summer Semester 3rd year 4 credits

General foundation in the scientific field of the technology of constructions , analysis and principles of preparing construction sub-processes, principles of creating design projects for processes. Construction sub-processes connected in particular with the main construction of building structures. Principles of the staking out of buildings and built structures, principles of technological approaches and relationships during the performance of the technical stages of earthwork, basic lower structures, basic upper structures and the outer envelopes of buildings. Solution of the technological, spatial and temporal structures of construction processes, sequence of activities, level of preparedness of a workplace for construction, mutual dependencies and requirements concerning quality and safety – also with regard to the environment.

Course Guarantor

doc. Ing. Vít Motyčka, CSc.


Institute of Technology, Mechanization and Construction Management

Learning outcomes

Students will acquire knowledge about the preparation and execution of selected construction sub-processes. They will be able to work out a project documentation of the basic construction processes in the field of building constructions. The students will learn about construction preparedness of the selected construction sub-processes. They will be able to solve these construction sub-processes from the spatial, technological and time points of view. They will learn about the machinery equipment of the processes and the basic occupational safety rules.The controlled outcomes consist of elaborated technological regulations for individual construction sub-processes.


Knowledge of building design principles.


Extending knowledge in field of building construction designing.

Planned educational activities and teaching methods

Teaching methods include field trips to realised structures (primarily buildings and transport structures), with the focus on assembly and interior/finishing work. The tuition also involves the drafting of technical designs for selected construction sub-processes and their presentation during the educational process.

Forms and criteria of assessment

The conditions for course completion are: obligatory seminar attendance, and successfully completed assignments regarding technical regulations concerning construction sub-processes, these assignments being produced to obtain the credit for the subject. The subject is tested by an exam.


The course objective is to teach the students to make a technological regulation of the selected partial construction processes of rough construction and finishing works and to be able to use these elaborated documents in practice for the construction execution.

Specification of controlled instruction, the form of instruction, and the form of compensation of the absences

Vymezení kontrolované výuky a způsob jejího provádění stanoví každoročně aktualizovaná vyhláška garanta předmětu.


2 hours/week, 13 weeks, elective

Syllabus of lectures

1. Introduction to the scientific field of the technology of constructions. Analysis of building processes, process design.
2. Earthwork processes. Staking out a building, methods and procedures for the execution of earthwork. Construction machinery used in earthwork.
3. Foundation construction processes. Technical principles and procedures for the execution of shallow and deep foundations.
4. Concrete structure formwork – element, system and special. Principles of design and execution.
5. Processes used in the reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures. Preparation of reinforcement, production lines. Principles of laying reinforcement into formwork.
6. Concrete mixing processes. Production, haulage, placement, processing and treatment of fresh concrete. Monitoring of setting and hardening, principles of formwork removal. Technical breaks.
7. Masonry processes. Principles of the execution of walling from bricks, shaped bricks and stone. Module, technology and quality requirements.
8. Assembly of timber structures and buildings. Execution of classical and new-style trusses.
9. Timber buildings, principles of production and assembly. Quality requirements.
10. Erection of enclosing shells and roof claddings. Principles and procedures for the assembly.
11. Installation of small unit roof coverings.
12. Execution of metalwork, incl. metal coverings. Fixing and joining, quality requirements.
13. Working and protective scaffoldings. Types, classification. Working procedures and principles for the assembly of scaffolding.


2 hours/week, 13 weeks, compulsory

Syllabus of practice

1.- 2. Earthworks, measurements and demarcation of structures, procedures for earthwork execution, management of excavation work, time schedule.
3. Graphical representation of the earthwork processes, selection of machinery for earthworks, techniques used in working with selected machines, scheme for the movement of machinery on the construction site.
4.- 5. Formwork, reinforcement and concreting of monolithic reinforced concrete structures. Design of formwork systems for monolithic structures, installation process. Listing of elements, drafting of parts of wall and ceiling formwork, formwork details.
6. Procedure for executing the concreting of a monolithic structure, selection of suitable machinery, time schedule, scheme for the transportation of concrete mixture and its placement in formwork.
7. Wall construction. Creation of comprehensive technical documentation for the execution of an assigned brick structure, including calculations and a list of necessary materials.
8. Procedure for the execution of wall construction for one storey of a studied structure. Machinery, devices and tools used in wall construction.
9. Time schedule for the construction of walls for one storey of a structure, graphical representation of the wall construction process for one storey.
10-12. Alternatively (always in the form of technological regulation):
Assembly of wooden structures – execution of roof trusses or wooden buildings.
Construction of enclosing shells or roof cladding. Installation of small unit roof coverings.
Performance of metalworking on roofs, including sheet metal roof coverings.
13. Assessment of completed assignments, defence of proposed solutions, credit.