prof. RNDr.

Zdeněk Chobola


FYZ – Professor

+420 541 147 650

Further information

  • Vice-Dean for Science and Research
  • Secretary of Scientific Convocation of the Faculty
  • Preparation of hand-outs and schedules for the Faculty’s Scientific Convocation’s sessions and elaboration of the sessions’ finales and observation of their accomplishments
  • Designation and inaugural proceedings
  • Scientific and research activities of the Faculty
  • Scientific Board
  • Activities dealing with the creative development at the Faculty, their coordination and evaluation
  • Coordination of projects’ preparation, submission, realization and evaluation within research and development programmes supported by the state budget and the EU
  • Development and completing of date bases of national and international scientific and research projects, technology transfer and contractual relations
  • Students’ creative activities
  • Postgraduate sessions