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Technology of Constructions 1

Academic Year 2024/25

NWA032 course is part of 1 study plan

NPC-ARS / ARA Summer Semester 1st year

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4 credits



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13 weeks, 2 hours/week, elective


1. Introduction into the scientific branch of the technology of constructions. Analysis of building processes. Principles of modelling of building processes, process design. 2. Earth work processes. Laying-out of the building, definition of the foundation pit, trenches, wells. Manners and procedures of their execution. Applicable mechanization. 3. Processes of building foundation. Technology principles and procedures at execution of shallow and deep foundations. Manner of anchorage of superstructures into the foundations, quantitative conditions. 4. Concrete structure casings – element, system and special. Principles of design, static assessment and execution. Economic evaluation. 5. Processes of reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures. Preparation of reinforcement, technology lines. Principles of placing of reinforcement into casing, covering of reinforcement by concrete. 6. Concrete mixing processes. Production, haulage, deposit and treatment of fresh concrete. Hardening control, principles of casing removal. Technology breaks. 7. Masonry processes. Principles of execution of walling of bricks, shaped bricks and stone. Principle rules of the walling bonds. Module, technology and quality requirements. Organisational and time structure. 8. Assembly of timber structures and buildings. Execution of classical and new trusses, glued timber structures and their assembly. 9.Timber buildings, principles of production and assembly. Quality requirements. 10. Erection of enclosing shells and roof claddings. Assembly principles and procedures of silicate sandwich, small unit and metal-plastic claddings. 11. Installation of small unit coverings, quality inspection. 12. Execution of roof plumber works incl. metal coverings and on the house façade. Readiness of construction, sequence of processes, fixing and joining, quality requirements. 13. Working and protective scaffoldings. Types, division. Working procedures and assembly principles for segment, element and spatial scaffoldings. Scaffolding design, static assessment, stability and safety measures.


13 weeks, 2 hours/week, compulsory


1. Materials for the term project Seminar: Organization instructions, individual project assignment, technological regulations Outcome: Choice of the construction to practice the assigned works, necessary construction plans, template for further elaboration of the technological regulations. 2. Earthworks – part 1 Seminars: Earthworks processes, cubic capacity measuring methods, mechanization choice Outcome: Technological regulation, cubic capacity measuring for the topsoil removal, ditch excavation and groove excavation, construction machinery proposal for the earthworks. 3. Earthworks – part 2 Seminar: Consultation of the part of work assigned in the first seminar, machinery suitability verification, time demands – norm hours, machinery performance, partial and secondary earthwork processes operation Outcome: Evaluation of the machinery suitability, design of the construction site transport for topsoil removal, ditch excavation and groove excavation, time plan 4. Foundations Seminars: The process of reinforced concrete foundation construction execution, regulations for frameworks Outcome: Technological regulations for shallow foundation construction, cut though the framework foundations in traditional framework including the description of the framework parts 5. Monolithic ceiling Seminars: Framework system, project and execution regulations for ceiling framework constructions Outcomes: Technological regulation, frameworks plan (floor plan, cut through the construction), selected construction details 6. Field trip – seeing the execution of selected technological construction processes 7. Checking the assigned works 8. Walling – part 1 Seminar: Walling processes, process of one floor walling of the designed construction Outcome: Technological regulation (with special attention to the cubic capacity) 9. Walling- part 2 Seminar: Walling processes, walling of first and second height, auxiliary processes - scaffolding construction, working, material and transport zones for walling, walling and scaffolding works safety and security Outcomes: Drafts - floor plan, cut though one floor with depicted walling processes, scaffolding localization, material storage, time plan 10. Roof framing installation Seminar: The process of purling roof installation, roof frames of low-cost systems and trussing roof types, work security in heights and above depth 11. Roof framing installation - part 2 Seminar: Installation process, different ways of connecting elements Outcome: Draft - schematic roof framing plan and the installation process, joints details 12. Final consultation 13. Credit