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Management of Construction Contracts

Academic Year 2024/25

NWA027 course is part of 1 study plan

NPC-SIR Winter Semester 2nd year

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5 credits



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13 weeks, 2 hours/week, elective


1. Management within an organization, interpersonal relationships in the management process, motivation and stimulation of staff, delegation of competencies and responsibilities in the construction process. 2. Organization of construction companies with an emphasis on production divisions, specialised production centres. 3. Management and organisation of work on construction sites, duties and competencies of heads of economic centres and operations management. 4. Obligations, participants in a construction process, their mutual relationships, competencies and duties, the tendering procedure as regards public tenders, selection of sub-contractors, contracts to perform work, and other kinds of agreements used in the construction industry. 5. Production plan, analysis and evaluation of resources, administrative and substantive materials for the management of construction sites, production documentation. 6. Pre-production, production and operational preparation work carried out by contractors, background materials for operational plans, connection to production calculations and accounts keeping. 7. Handing over and acceptance of a building site, duties of participants during this activity, materials and documents needed for the handover, outputs, handing over of the work with regard to the client and to sub-contractors, documents necessary for the handing over of the final product and its subsequent final inspection and use, partial and final billing for a construction site, list of jobs, services and deliveries, fact-finding report. 8. Site manager’s agenda, documents kept by the contractor during work on a construction site, keeping of a construction site diary, alteration work, invoicing, monitoring of work progress at the construction site. 9. Inspection days at a construction site – administrative and substantive inputs and outputs, cooperation between the contractor and the client in the preparation and execution of the final inspection of the work. 10. Risk factors in the execution of construction work – administrative, safety, qualitative and financial risks, their identification and the options for eliminating them, the activity of the contractor when performing activities in subsidy programmes.


13 weeks, 2 hours/week, compulsory


1. Division of a selected construction site into structures, calculation of measurement units and their number for calculated costs, classification of building structures into the JKSO (Integrated Classification of Building Structures) and conversion to the CZ-CC (Classification of Types of Constructions). Determination of the calculated cost of individual building structures, or the whole construction process. 2. Determination of a calculated (rough) timetable for the whole construction process according to the connection of individual building structures with the use of supporting indicators and software tools. 3. Determination of a contract proposal for work involved in construction execution, creation of a protocol for the handing over of a construction site, creation of a protocol for the handing over of a structure including minor faults and unfinished work, lists of documents required for the handover of the work. 4. Gaining of knowledge concerning the operations management activities of medium and large – sized firms at a specific construction site, including the preparation of a written report on interesting facts concerning the management of such companies. 5. Determination of the balance of resources (human, material, mechanical and financial) on the basis of an itemised budget drawn up for three technical stages of the construction process. 6. Determination of an operational plan for a period of two weeks based on a previously determined itemised budget and a related time schedule, including the proposal and analysis of needed resources and the means by which they will be obtained. 7. Determination of an inspection and test plan for 3 technical stages of the construction process for a previously determined construction time schedule. 8. Preparation of a 2-week work schedule for construction execution in a site diary, including the completion of the introductory pages. Processing of records from an inspection day. 9. Gaining of knowledge about the operations management activities of a small company at a specific building site, including the creation of a written report concerning interesting aspects of the management of such a company. 10. Marking and evaluation of completed tasks.