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Landscape Restoration and Stability

Academic Year 2024/25

NSB020 course is part of 2 study plans

NPC-MI Winter Semester 1st year

NPC-SIV Winter Semester 2nd year

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5 credits



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course-unit credit and examination

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13 weeks, 2 hours/week, elective


1. Introduction to landscape ecology. Landscape ecology as a scientific discipline. Nomenclature. 2. Natural landscape. Cultural landscape. Disturbed landscape. 3. Ecological stability. Landscape stability and methods of its evaluation. 4. Devastated landscape. Ways and phases of recultivation. Biotechnical phase of reclamation. Agricultural reclamation, plants. Forestry reclamation, suitable wood species. Other ways of reclamation. 5. Landscape restoration. Territorial systems of ecological stability. 6. Urban sprawl, low impact development. Landscape conservation. 7. Water in landscape. Problems in river basin, problems of improper river modifications. Wetlands, pools and other water elements in the landscape. 8. Restoration of landscape water systems. Basic principles, technical solutions of restoration and river migration passability. 9. Evaluation of river restoration, maintenance, problems. Examples of restoration from CR and foreign countries. 10. Nature and landscape conservation in CR, legislation. Subsidies programs.


13 weeks, 2 hours/week, compulsory


1. Introduction. Rules. Publications and on-line sources of information. On-line maps. 2. Landscape mapping methodology. Examples. Coefficient of ecological stability. Selection of the territory for mapping. 3.-4. Landscape mapping - terrain work. 5.–6. Evaluation of terrain landscape mapping. 7.–8. Design of part of territorial systems of ecological stability. 9.-10. Presentations of individual projects.