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Special Concrete Structures (K)

Academic Year 2024/25

NLB036 course is part of 1 study plan

NPC-SIK Winter Semester 2nd year

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6 credits



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course-unit credit and examination

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13 weeks, 2 hours/week, elective


1. Analysis of space structures. 2. Prestressed concrete structures in the structural engineering. 3. High-rise buildings. 4. Slabs structures prestressed by bonded and unbonded cables. 5. Arch structures in the civil engineering. Arch bridge structures. 6. Domes. 7. Shells. 8. Suspension and cable-stayed systems. Cable-stayed structures. 9. Suspension structures. 10. Stress-ribbon structures.


13 weeks, 2 hours/week, compulsory


1. Prestressed floor structure of storeyed garages: Design of dimensions and prestressing force, geometry, loading states. 2. Calculating model of a slab. 3.–4. Computational determination of internal forces together with graphical outputs. 5. Completion of structural solution and its control. 6. Dimensioning of a slab on bending strength. 7. Correction. 8. Dimensioning of a slab on bursting stress. 9. Drawings. Control of dimensioning. 10. Project submission. Credit.