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Base of geotechnics

Academic Year 2024/25

NFB021 course is part of 1 study plan

NPC-GK Winter Semester 2nd year

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4 credits



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course-unit credit and examination

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13 weeks, 2 hours/week, elective


1. The subject and content of geotechnics. Classification of foundation soils, rocks and week rocks. 2. Foundation soils properties and their determination. 3. Footings of buildings (shallow and deep). Limit states of foundation soil. 4. Technologies of footings. 5. Survey works of engineering geology. 6. In situ tests of rock mechanics. 7. Stability analysis of slopes and cliffs. Landslides. 8. The types and specifics of underground structures. Construction methods. 9. Deformation of surroundings at underground structures. 10. Instrumentation and monitoring in geotechnics. 11. Geodetical methods used in geotechnics. 12. Excursion. 13. Conclusion and summary.


13 weeks, 1 hours/week, compulsory


1. Classification of soil and rock. 2. Engineering geology profile. 3. Shallow foundation. 4. Deep foundation - pile. 5. Settlement trough over the mined tunnel. 6. Task check and credit.