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Selected chapters from building physics

Academic Year 2024/25

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DKA-S Summer Semester 1st year

DPA-S Summer Semester 1st year

DKC-S Summer Semester 1st year

DPC-S Summer Semester 1st year

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13 weeks, 3 hours/week, elective


1. Non-isothermal diffusion of water vapour and condensation. 2. Condensation model DIAL. 3. Condensation model DRAL. 4. Condensation models IM-TDR, IM-TIR and their comparison with the models DIAL and DRAL. 5. Unsteady heat conduction. 6. Drop of contact temperature. 7. Heat transfer through interphases. 8. Heat convection. 9. Heat radiation. 10. Heat radiation between gray bodies. 11. Combined transfer of heat and calculation of heat resistance of closed air cavities. 12. Condensation problems of special structures (non-heated sports stadiums) – derivation of analytical relations. 13. A detailed numerical analysis of heat exchange between the constructure of a winter stadium and its ice surface.