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Selected Chapters on Railway Structures 1 (DST)

Academic Year 2024/25

BNA007 course is part of 2 study plans

BPC-MI Summer Semester 3rd year

NPC-SIK Summer Semester 1st year

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4 credits



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13 weeks, 2 hours/week, elective


1. Urban railway transport. Types of urban rail transport, basic division. Transport and traffic relationships. 2. Traffic assessment. City public transport in the Czech Republic. 3. METRO. Geometric track components, track alignment design parameters. 4. Railway superstructure and substructure of METRO. Switches and crossings. Operation arrangement. 5. Tramway. Geometric track components, track alignment design parameters. 6. Tramway superstructure and substructure of tramway tracks. Switches and crossings. Operation arrangement. 7. Railways in urban regions, integrated transport system. The main demands on infrastructure and operation 8. High-speed tracks. Relationship to other types of rail transport in big cities. 9. High-speed tracks, track alignment design parameters. 10. Railway superstructure and substructure on high-speed tracks. 11. Slab track, demands on design. Design of slab track substructures. 12. Main types of slab track design. Demands on slab track on bridges, in tunnels, in transitions with the ballasted track. Construction and maintenance of high-speed tracks. 13. Non-classic railway lines


13 weeks, 2 hours/week, compulsory


1. Specifying of the first project, guidelines to draw up. 2. Guidelines to a design of the assembly of turnout in a curve with cant. 3. Longitudinal profile of particular tracks and rails. 4. Format and content of drawings – setting out the drawing. 5. Submitting of the first project. 6. Specifying of the project of a tramways junction. 7. Design of tramway switches and crossings. 8. Changes of track axes distances. 9. Technical report. 10.–12. Consultation on the project. 13. Submitting of the second projects, credit.