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Building Materials

Academic Year 2024/25

BIA001 course is part of 4 study plans

BPC-SI / VS Summer Semester 1st year

BPC-MI Summer Semester 1st year

BKC-SI Summer Semester 1st year

BPA-SI Summer Semester 1st year

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Czech, English


5 credits



Forms and criteria of assessment

course-unit credit and examination

Offered to foreign students

To offer to students of all faculties

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13 weeks, 2 hours/week, elective


1. Introduction, good laboratory practice. 2. Structure and properties of building materials. 3. Determination of properties, testing and determination of properties of building materials. 4. Building rock, aggregate and rock products. 5. Binders and mortar I. 6. Binders and mortar II. 7. Concrete, special types of concrete and concrete products I. 8. Concrete, special types of concrete and concrete products II. 9. Silicates, silicate products and glass. 10. Timber, timber products and construction. 11. Steel, metals and non-ferrous metals. 12. Polymers , other building materials, materials and products. 13. Asphalts, tars and road construction materials.


13 weeks, 2 hours/week, compulsory


1. Introduction into laboratory practice. 2. Physical properties of aggregate. 3. Geometric and physical-mechanical properties of aggregate. 4. Properties of fresh binders. 5. Properties of fresh mortars. 6. Properties of hardened mortars and binders. 7. Physical properties of concrete and rock. 8. Physical and mechanical properties of rock and concrete. 9. Properties of silicates and brickmaking products. 10. Properties of timber. 11. Properties of steel and other metals. 12. Properties of polymers. 13. Final summary, credit.