Organisational Structure

Institute of Structural Mechanics

Professional Focus

  • Development of theoretical methods in structural mechanics
  • Refinement and automation of methods for static and dynamic analysis of structural constructions considering real material properties
  • Development of modern numerical methods
  • Modeling and identification of mechanical systems interacting with the environment
  • Parameter identification of models
  • Theory and solutions for cable and suspended structures
  • Reliability theory and numerical simulation methods
  • Reliability modeling of structures
  • Influence of imperfections on the reliability of steel structures
  • Degradation processes and estimation of structural lifespan
  • Fracture-mechanical parameters of materials based on silicate and other bases
  • Fractality of fracture surfaces/cracks
  • Application of machine learning and neural networks in structural mechanics
  • Modeling of buckling in slender structures
  • Chaotic behavior of nonlinear dynamic systems
  • Homogenization
  • Mesoscale modeling of heterogeneous materials
  • Development of polynomial chaos for metamodeling
  • Fatigue failure of structural constructions
  • Coupled multi-physical tasks


Assistant professor