Why study civil engineering in Brno? The Faculty of Civil Engineering (FCE) welcomes international students who would like to study a full civil engineering degree programme in English in Brno and become specialists in all aspects of structural design; who would like to know more about the long Czech tradition of civil engineering; and who wish to become an active member of the construction industry in the Czech Republic and potentially in the whole of Central Europe.

The FCE cooperates with many research centres and operates the AdMaS (Advanced Materials, Structures and Technologies) research centre here in Brno, where we conduct experiments and try to optimise the design and construction of all types of structures.

The FCE has close connections with the construction industry and cooperates with key businesses from that sector, so as a FCE student you may start working with one of our partners while you’re still engaged in your studies, or as soon as you graduate.

The FCE collaborates with universities and research centres around Europe, so you may get to meet several international academics every semester as well as a stable community of international students and their friends.