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Company Practice Psychology

Academic Year 2024/25

NZB014-A course is part of 2 study plans

NPC-ARS / ARA Summer Semester 1st year

NPC-ARS / ARP Summer Semester 1st year

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2 credits



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13 weeks, 2 hours/week, elective


1. Soft – skills, definition, use in practice, importance for competitiveness. Innovation and creativity, its support for own efficiency and creative activity increasing. 2. Assertiveness and attitude to others, assertiveness as relationships change possibility and cooperation with others, self – evaluation, respect to own personality, to others. 3. Communication, empathy, nonverbal reading, communication faults. 4. Dealing with problem communication partner types, its identification and its specific in communication. 5. Conflict and negotiation, dealing strategy considering the aim of dealing. 6. Own work results presentation to professional and general public. Work with public. 7. Social groups versus team, dynamics and team parts. 8. Working environment and related psychological aspects. Work environmental hygiene. 9. Problem dealing at work. Identification and solving for civil engineering environment. 10. Procrastination and Self – management as personality efficiency rising. 11. 4. and 5. generation time – management, efficiency a priority. 12. Stress, its physiology and relax techniques. Stress reduce. 13. Job interview, curriculum vitae and cover leter.