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Design of Pavements Regarding Security and Environment

Academic Year 2024/25

NMA018 course is part of 1 study plan

NPC-MI Summer Semester 1st year

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2 credits



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course-unit credit and examination

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13 weeks, 2 hours/week, elective


1. Types of traffic in agglomeration. 2. Pavement design concept in agglomeration with regard to traffic safety. 3. Traffic calming in agglomeration. 4. Pavement management in cities with regard to disabled persons with reduced mobility. 5. Pavement design concept of roads in cities. 6. The usage of secondary materials and tar binder issue. 7. Traffic environmental aspects, EIA assessment procedure. 8. Skid resistance characteristics, traffic accident rate, GIS. 9. Traffic noise emissions. 10. Design manuals and software – the capacity evaluation, safety and overall geometrical design of roads in critical situations. 11. Traffic safety of urban mass transport. 12. Road safety audit. 13. Road safety audit and traffic safety.