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Engineering Technological Processes

Academic Year 2024/25

NJB036 course is part of 1 study plan

NPC-SIM Summer Semester 1st year

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4 credits



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13 weeks, 2 hours/week, elective


1. General characteristics of technological processes, system configuration and system structure, organization of technological systems, production of building materials. 2. Signs of mass production, the use of statistical methods in evaluating the utility properties of semi-finished products and products that use testing methods / statistical hypotheses upon acceptance of raw materials and output products, evaluation parameters for the transferring and accepting. 3. Identification of technological processes in the production of construction materials, the possibility of modeling technological objects, the adequacy of the description. 4. How to transform raw materials into a product, a formal description of the method of production, transformation matrix relating the chemical properties of raw materials in the production of cement clinker. 5. Use of optimization methods in industry and technology - algebraic basis of convex sets. 6. The space of linear functions, methods, formulation of global extreme of the objective function, antagonistic. 7. Formulation extrémalizační task in engineering practice, computational mechanism simplex method. 8. The classic role of the extreme solutions - mixing raw material mixtures, the distribution problem, the problem of inventory (ie. Strategies innkeeper). 9. The role of quadratic optimization - optimization problem of the composition of the raw mix in cement production, optimization of mixing raw materials (particle size distribution, porosity distribution foamed plastic, etc.). 10. Non-deterministic optimization models - integer optimization (cutting plan, the problem with dividing panels in the production of the long lines), the optimization principle in the design of the heating system (heating media optimization distribution network). 11. Formulation of an abstract machine, automatic classification, automatic grammar. 12. finite automaton states of an automaton, the language accepted by a finite automaton, design a simple finite automaton and its reduced on the example of the machine for the mixing of raw mix. 13. pushdown automata, pushdown language accepted by the automaton's machines, the conclusion outline of the theory of decidability by Turing theorem.


13 weeks, 2 hours/week, compulsory


1. Statistical signs of mass production, sample statistics, normal distribution, computational support in Excel spreadsheet environment. 2. Characteristics of the statistical set, the relationship element and the statistical sample. 3. Testing hypotheses jurisdiction, respectively. remoteness element of the sample, the definition of risk proportion of defective products during product acceptance. 4. Correlation analysis of the data sets, the leakage rate correlation. The definition of the parameters, the time dependence of consumption parametric components during solidification of cement paste, 5. Problems solving continuous processes, virtually the statistical regularities of sorting materials on the screens, so called solutions. Sharpness of raw materials on the screens. 6. The determination of the level of risk, Gauss regularity of propagation of uncertainty of physical measurements. 7. Development of a control chart production, mixing problem - the level of sensitivity of the partial raw materials to final grading curve of the aggregate. 8. The formulation of the optimization problem in an Excel spreadsheet, build cost function and restrictive conditions. 9. Calculate the lowest cost transportation problem of distribution of raw materials. 10. Proposal for a track raw mix called. Nutritional problem, determine strategies innkeeper (the. Storage problem). 11. Using optimization principle in the design of track material mixture, mixing aggregate role, the role of determining the ratio for mixing the raw material mixture. 12. Permissible and impermissible solving optimization problems, build concrete cutting plan for dividing panels on long runs. 13. Completing the calculation of partial reports, credit.