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Information system in construction technology

Academic Year 2024/25

DWB033 course is part of 4 study plans

DKA-S Winter Semester 2nd year

DPA-S Winter Semester 2nd year

DKC-S Winter Semester 2nd year

DPC-S Winter Semester 2nd year

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8 credits



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13 weeks, 3 hours/week, elective


1.–3. The conditions of software support implementation for construction management. Choice of planning software in liaison with list of available resources or results of calculation systems (RTS-Build Power, KROS Plus, EuroCALC). The conditions limiting the use of catalogued performance standards of construction and mounting works while elaborating construction schedules. 4.–6. Creation of construction schedule (MS PROJECT) in dependence on adjusting of user’s fields. Technological model of construction. Calendars of project, activities and resources. Surveillance and progress control of construction. Master plan. Activity up-dating. Schedule up-dating. 7.–9. Importance of calculations in the planning and management of orders construction firm, calculation formula, creation of new items and their variants. 10.–12. Building production control (RSV) in accordance with budget as a result of costing program. Connection between costing software and Microsoft Office Project. Job logging. Controllling. 13. Recap the possibility of using the available software products (ASPE, RSV, BUILpower, CONTEC, MS Project, EuroCALC).