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Principles of Business Economics

Academic Year 2024/25

BVA002 course is part of 3 study plans

BPC-SI / VS Summer Semester 1st year

BKC-SI Summer Semester 1st year

BPA-SI Summer Semester 1st year

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Language of instruction

Czech, English


5 credits



Forms and criteria of assessment

course-unit credit and examination

Offered to foreign students

To offer to students of all faculties

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13 weeks, 2 hours/week, elective


1. Position of the firm in the national economy, branch of civil engineering and construction company.

2.–3. Characteristic of the firm, specifications of the construction company, production, planning, controlling, investment activity in the firm.

4.–5. Firm’s finances and economic information, taxes.

6.–8. Material and inventory, labour, working machines and machinery.

9.–11. Construction orders and prices, bills of costs.

12. Distribution, sale, marketing.

13. Contractual relations.


13 weeks, 2 hours/week, compulsory


1. Introduction, program of instruction,instructions and guidelines.

2. Classification.

3. Contract for work, an action for payment of the work price.

4. Investment.

5. Depreciation.

6. Taxation.

7. Accounting and finance.

8. The cost of material and equipment.

9. Wages.

10. Calculation of works.

11. Price of structure.

12. Credit test.

13. Credit.