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Academic Year 2024/25

BVA001 course is part of 4 study plans

BPC-SI / VS Winter Semester 1st year

BPC-MI Winter Semester 1st year

BKC-SI Winter Semester 1st year

BPA-SI Winter Semester 1st year

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Czech, English


3 credits



Forms and criteria of assessment

course-unit credit and examination

Offered to foreign students

To offer to students of all faculties

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13 weeks, 2 hours/week, elective


1. Economics, Characteristic of Market Economy. 2. Basic Market Elements. 3. Macroeconomic Theory, Macroeconomic Outputs, Gross Domestic Product. 4. Macroeconomic Equilibrium, Economic Growth and Business Cycles. 5. Inflation. 6. Financial Markets, Money Market. 7. Financial Markets, Capital Market. 8. Financial Markets, International Money Market. 9. Economic Policy, Goals and Instruments. 10. International Trade, External Commerce and Monetary Policy. 11. Market of Goods and Services, Theory of Consumer Behaviours. 12. Market of Goods and Services, Theory of Firm. 13. Market of Production Factors.


13 weeks, 1 hours/week, compulsory


1.–2. Introduction to Economics, Characteristics of Market Economy. 3.–4. Basic Market Elements. 5.–6. Macroeconomic Outputs. 7.–8. Financial Markets, Money Market. 9.–10. Financial Markets, Capital Market, International Money Market. 11.–12. Market of Goods and Services, Theory of of Consumer Behaviours. 13. Market of Goods and Services. Theory of Firm.