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Specialized Project (S-PST)

Academic Year 2024/25

BHB014 course is part of 3 study plans

BPC-SI / S Summer Semester 4th year

BKC-SI Summer Semester 4th year

BPA-SI Summer Semester 4th year

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Language of instruction



6 credits



Forms and criteria of assessment

graded course-unit credit

Offered to foreign students

To offer only to students of given faculty

Course on BUT site


13 weeks, 3 hours/week, compulsory


1. Introduction to practices. Building documentation report structures. 2. to 4. Thermo-technical analyses of structures on the basis of valid standards. 5. to 7. Building acoustics and daylighting. Evaluation on the basis of valid requirements. 8. to 9. Fire safety solution. Evaluation on the basis of valid requirements. 10. Visual side of designed building. Placing building on terrain. 11. Submission and final evaluation of presented work.