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Building Constructions 2 (S)

Academic Year 2024/25

BHB004 course is part of 4 study plans

BPC-SI / VS Summer Semester 2nd year

BPC-MI Summer Semester 2nd year

BKC-SI Summer Semester 2nd year

BPA-SI Summer Semester 2nd year

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Language of instruction

Czech, English


4 credits



Forms and criteria of assessment

course-unit credit and examination

Offered to foreign students

To offer to students of all faculties

Course on BUT site


13 weeks, 2 hours/week, elective


1. Horizontal load-bearing structures – functional and mechanical requirements. Connections of horizontal and vertical load-bearing structures. Spandrel beams. Vaults – structural solution, mechanical acting of vaults. 2. Horizontal load-bearing structures – cast-in-place slabs. 3. Horizontal load-bearing structures – prefabricated (precast) and half prefabricated slabs. 4. Horizontal load-bearing structures – timber joist ceilings, metal ceilings, composite slabs. 5. Overhanging and recessed structures – balcony, loggia, portico, oriel windows and cornices – material solutions, mechanical requirements, thermal design. 6. Groundworks and excavations. Founding soil. Construction and hydrogeological survey. 7. Shallow foundations – classification and structural solutions. 8. Shallow foundations – specific criterions of founding. 9. Deep foundations – classification and structural solutions. Retaining walls. 10. Foundation construction on property boundaries. Expansion joints, settlement joints and construction joints in load bearing and non-loadbearing structures. 11. Substructure. Damp proofing – basic criterion and requirements. 12. Damp proofing – specific/exceptional requirements. Protection against radon gas infiltration.


13 weeks, 2 hours/week, compulsory


1. Horizontal load-bearing structures. Design of cast-in-place slabs. 2. Horizontal load-bearing structures. Design of half-prefabricated slabs. 3. Horizontal load-bearing structures. Design precast slabs. 4. Overhanging and recessed structures. Balcony design. 5. Shallow foundations. Design of foundation strips loaded by walls. 6. Shallow foundations. Foundation plan drawing – drafting of foundation strips. 7. Shallow foundations. Design of pad foundation loaded by a post/column. 8. Shallow foundations. Foundation plan drawing – drafting of pad foundations of a post slab structure. 9. Shallow foundations. Specific foundation construction. 10. Groundworks. Building excavation plan. 11. Damp proofing. Design of damp proof system. 12. Submission and final evaluation of presented work.