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Intermediate German (exam)

Academic Year 2023/24

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For this exam, the optional subjects VYN005 are VYN006 are offered, in which students acquire the required knowledge and skills. The exam is based on the contents of the textbooks Schritte International Band 5-6. The exam is based on the internationally acclaimed Goethe-Zertifikat Deutsch exam at the B1 level (intermediate) which requires a student to:
- generally understand information about familiar topics and situations, such as those met at work, at school, in their free time etc., providing it is expressed in a clear and straightforward manner,
- be able to use German to communicate successfully in most situations encountered when travelling abroad etc.,
- be able to create a simple coherent text,
- be able to describe experiences, events, ambitions, hopes and plans, and to briefly explain or justify their ideas and statements,
- be able to successfully complete grammar exercises at the intermediate level.

Course Guarantor



The aim of this exam is to assess whether students have reached the B1 level of the CEF (Common European Framework) established by the Council of Europe.


The student who has passed the exam will have demonstrated an intermediate level of German as described by the B1 level of the CEF (Common European Framework) established by the Council of Europe.


In order to prepare for this exam, optional subjects VYN005 and VYN006 are offered by the Department of Languages at FCE –however, they are open only if there are enough students.


Grammar and vocabulary covered in the Schritte International Band 5-6 textbooks. Intermediate level reading, listening, writing and speaking skills. Students should be able to take part in a conversation on common topics and understand easily comprehensible texts and speeches. They should have mastered verb tenses including the plusquamperfect, declination of adjectives, word order after various conjunctions, conditional sentences, Konjunktiv II. and other grammatical phenomena. They should be able to express themselves in a comprehensible way, avoiding grave mistakes.

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