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Numerical models in Civil Engineering

Academic Year 2022/23

VUC008 course is part of 2 study plans

BPC-VP Summer Semester 1st year

BPC-VP Winter Semester 1st year

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Ing. Josef Plášek, Ph.D.


Institute of Computer Aided Engineering and Computer Science


Basics of English language.

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2 credits



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course-unit credit

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13 weeks, 2 hours/week, compulsory


Introduction to Finite Element Method, the basic characteristics, job definition.
The family of products for FEM and CFD, characteristics of individual products and modules.
Modeling tools in a graphical environment system.
Material libraries, basic adjustment of their physical properties.
Definition of an external load, sources of heat or burning. Utilization of symmetry properties of the model to simplify the task.
Selection of suitable plane elements and meshing. Universally useful elements in the library.
Settings of solver and its parameters, calculating.
Displaying the final solution, the choice of variables, range and interpretation.
Creating of a spatial model.
Basic spatial finite elements and automatic creation of spatial networks.
Interpretation of results solving spatial deformation under load.
Interface for import and export of construction / CAD environments.
Parallel computing.