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Internet technologies

Academic Year 2023/24

GU53 course is part of 1 study plan

B-P-C-GK / GI Summer Semester 2nd year

Service WWW and features of protocol HTTP (request and response, authentidication mechanisms, secure HTTP, proxy techniques)
Typical configurations of HTTP server.
Transfer file protocol FTP.
DNS a DHCP infrastrukcture of Internet.
Dynamic document server-side and client-side, scripting tools in environment DHTML, ASP, PHP.
Object oriented language JavScript, syntax, handling of events, hosting in DHTML and ASP.
Document Object Model and managing in scripting language JavaScript.
Main objects in ASP, three tier architecture, database connection.
XML language and XSLT tool.
Fundamentals of AJAX.

Course Guarantor



Advanced knowledges of modern communication techniques used in internet. Individual skills of web services configuring and design of web applications.


Individual skills of web services configuring and design of web applications.


Using of operation systems, basics of computer networks, programming and algorithmization

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2 credits



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course-unit credit

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13 weeks, 2 hours/week, compulsory


1. TCP / IP v. 4 and 6 2. Infrastructure of the Internet DNS and DHCP. Configuring DNS, record types. 3. Communication protocol for file transfer FTP, standard client communication analysis. 4. WWW Service and HTTP properties, analysis of communication. 5. Typical configuration of HTTP server, analysis of server MS IIS. 6.-7. Techniques for dynamic client- and server-side document, DHTML, ASP, PHP. 8. Objects in JavaScript, the syntax, events and processes, host environment DHTML and ASP. 9. Document Object Model and its use for specific programs in JavaScript. 10. Basic objects in ASP server, three-tier architecture, connections to data sources. 11. XML and XSLT. 12. Fundamentals of AJAX. 13. Testing of knowledge and skills