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Geodetic software

Academic Year 2022/23

GE52 course is part of 3 study plans

unknown (history data) unknown (history data) 1st year

B-P-C-GK Winter Semester 1st year

B-K-C-GK Winter Semester 1st year

Usage of software for mapping, eventually for others problems of geodesy.

Course Guarantor

Ing. Jiří Ježek


Institute of Geodesy


Practice with geodetic software


Student make the programme of Geodetical programms and be able to
create digital maps in a given attribute and topological structure


Geodetic calculations for determination of point position. Fundamental skills in aplications Microstation, Kokeš, VKM.

Language of instruction



2 credits



Forms and criteria of assessment

course-unit credit

Specification of controlled instruction, the form of instruction, and the form of compensation of the absences

Extent and forms are specified by guarantor’s regulation updated for every academic year.

Offered to foreign students

Not to offer

Course on BUT site


13 weeks, 2 hours/week, compulsory


1.-4. Drawing of digital map in applications Microstation, Kokeš, Geostore.
5. Attributes checking and bulk transfer between standard specification (Mgeo).
6.-7. Topological checks (Techline, Mgeo, Kokeš).
8. Creation of a data model (Mgeo).
9. Transformations of data formats within applications (Microstation, Kokeš, Autocad).
10.10. Usage map services in aplications Microstation, Kokeš,VKM, ArcGIS.