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Databases I

Academic Year 2023/24

GE51 course is part of 1 study plan

B-P-C-GK / GI Summer Semester 2nd year

Basic concepts of database technology, ANSI/SPARC levels, data models, architecture of database systems (DBS).
Coceptual modelling, E/R diagrams,languges of relation DBS, SQL language.
Relational data model, theory of dependence.
Interior data organization, indexing, hashing.
Security and integrity of data, trigery.
Distributed DBS, architecture client- server, current trends of database technology development, postrelation systems.
Databases in GIS. Database systems Mircosoft Access, Oracle SQL plus.

Course Guarantor



Theory of relation database systems. Creation tables of relations, queries. Basic of SQL language.


Ability to design a single database in MS Access.


Handling with personal computers

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2 credits



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13 weeks, 2 hours/week, compulsory


• fundamental terms of database technology • E/R diagrams, relational database languages, SQL. • relational data model, theory of dependence, normal forms. • Internal data organization, indexing, hashing. • Security and data integrity, triggers, transactions • Database in GIS • Database systems Mircosoft Access, Oracle, SQL plus