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Field training I

Academic Year 2023/24

GE06 course is part of 1 study plan

B-P-C-GK / GI Summer Semester 1st year

Establisment and position determination of control. Compilation of planimetry and altimetry in area of interest. Measuring position and height points on inaccessible objects. Determining elevation.

Course Guarantor



Practice handling with geodetic instruments.
Position determination of control.


The student learns to determine a point position and to work with geodetic instruments.


Handling with geodetic instruments and surveying technology.

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4 credits



Forms and criteria of assessment

graded course-unit credit

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Offered to foreign students

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Field training

1 week, 360 hours/week, compulsory


Traverse. Technical leveling. Forward intersection from measured directions, resection. Indersection from measured distances, free station, polar calculation. Trigonometric determination of elevation. Determining the height of an inaccessible point. Tacheometry. Determination of areas, spatial distance, displacement.