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Financial Management

Academic Year 2022/23

DVB070 course is part of 4 study plans

DPC-E Summer Semester 1st year

DKC-E Summer Semester 1st year

DPA-E Summer Semester 1st year

DKA-E Summer Semester 1st year

The course will focus on the presentation of current theoretical trends in corporate finance and its feasibility in practice. The main themes included in the subject teaching will be based on the theory of value management in business finance, i.e. in particular the presentation of approaches to determining the value of an enterprise, the study of mergers and acquisitions, optimisation of capital structure of a company, determination of capital costs, business performance factors and the enterprise's payment risk.

Course Guarantor

prof. Ing. Mária Režňáková, CSc.


Institute of Structural Economics and Management


1. Approaches to defining financial goals of enterprises from different aspects, including behavioral
2.-3. Measuring and evaluating business performance
4-6. Identify value of businesses and identify value drivers
7.-9. Capital structure of enterprises and their stability, determination of capital costs
10.-11. Efficiency of mergers and acquisitions and their measurement
12.-13. Business Stability Management and Bankruptcy Prediction.


Knowledge of business finance at Masters level.

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8 credits



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13 weeks, 3 hours/week, elective


1. Corporate financial goals from a variety of perspectives, including behavioral.

2.-3. Measuring and evaluating business performance

4-6. Businesses valuation and value drivers identification

7.-9. Capital structure, costs of capital

10.-11. Mergers and acquisitions efficiency

12.-13. Debt financing, solvency management and bankruptcy prediction.