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Company management

Academic Year 2022/23

DV75 course is part of 1 study plan

D-K-C-SI (N) Summer Semester 1st year

The course focuses especially on the following topics: Knowledge of principles, goals and structuralization of management, management application on corporate level. Requirements laid on managers, his expected qualities and role. Management system at the company Bata. Structuralization of management according to the functions and elements. Detailed explanation of individual elements. Planning, organization. Typology of organizational structures. Applicable business units


Institute of Structural Economics and Management


An introductory course intended to provide a basic knowledge of management, its methods, structure and intent. The aim of this course is recommended to students the approaches for solving the managerial task.


Student must knowledge of economics and organization of company

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8 credits



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13 weeks, 3 hours/week, elective