Course Details

Precise authorized, calibration and laboratory measurements of hydraulic param.

DRB024 course is part of 4 study plans

Ph.D. full-t. program DPC-V compulsory-elective Summer Semester 1st year 8 credits

Ph.D. combi. program DKC-V compulsory-elective Summer Semester 1st year 8 credits

Ph.D. full-t. program DPA-V compulsory-elective Summer Semester 1st year 8 credits

Ph.D. combi. program DKA-V compulsory-elective Summer Semester 1st year 8 credits

To gain knowledge of modern up to date measuring technique to measure parameters of hydraulic models and in sites. Applicability of contactless methods - laser doppler anemometry, ultrasonic anemometry, advantages and problems. Small dimension, moving and rotating bodies and measurability of related paramenters. Technique and process of official measuring realisaton and accredited laboratory measuring.

Course Guarantor

prof. Ing. Jan Šulc, CSc.


Institute of Water Structures

Learning outcomes

The subject expands the knowledge of hydraulics and physics area. The course introduces the latest knowledge from the field of precise measurement contact and contactless methods (UVP, LDA, PIV). An introduction to the basics of metrology in the field of terminology, legislation and the determination of the uncertainties for the official (states) measurement of the hydraulic characteristics.


Mathematics, physics, hydraulics, hydromechanics, elementary statics.


The basics of legal metrology, statistics.

Planned educational activities and teaching methods

Teaching methods depend on the type of course unit as specified in the article 7 of BUT Rules for Studies and Examinations.
In the framework of the subject will be processed by the student an overview summarizing the knowledge on the development of methods and techniques in the defined field measurements of hydraulic characteristics.

Forms and criteria of assessment

Preparation the partial review of the work to the subject before exam is needed.


Overview of contact and modern contactless measuring methods. Calibration of measuring devices and measuring systems. Possibilities of measuring flux structure. applicability of integral methods for flow parameters measuring. Measuring in extreme conditions (low and very high velocities). Authorized measuring of hydraulic parameters. Officially reconized laboratories and legislation demands.

Specification of controlled instruction, the form of instruction, and the form of compensation of the absences

Vymezení kontrolované výuky a způsob jejího provádění stanoví každoročně aktualizovaná vyhláška garanta předmětu.


3 hours/week, 13 weeks, elective

Syllabus of lectures

1.–4. Overview of measuring methods in through flowed compasses (micro and macro perspective), contactless methods.
5.–8. Contactless ultrasonic and opthoelectronic methods of velocity, depth and discharge measuring. Integral methods.
9. Measuring of pressures, forces and moments.
10. Calibration, device control.
11. Authorized parametrs measuring, acreditesd laboratory.
12. Flow velocity measuring in extrem conditions (capillary, boundary layer).
13. Measuring in moving environment.