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Doctoral seminar V (PST)

Academic Year 2023/24

DH05 course is part of 3 study plans

D-P-C-SI (N) / PST Summer Semester 3rd year

D-K-C-SI (N) / PST Summer Semester 3rd year

D-K-E-SI (N) / PST Summer Semester 3rd year

Students continuously process the newest knowledge relating to the issue of a chosen topic in building construction. They gradually finish their work in terms of simulations or experiments that they have done within the dissertation thesis. Students are expected to regularly take part in home or foreign conferences, congresses, conventions etc. in order to obtain the newest information, make new contacts and gain experience how to present results of their work. Students will be supervised to productively collaborate with the building practise and research institutions and will participate in solving partial issues of research-development projects. Students can gain preconditions for drawing up a thesis and its defence by means of accomplishment of the seminars and by synthesis of gained knowledge and the own results of their work.

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In these doctoral seminars, guided by a supervisor, students fill in and deepen more knowledge of the theory and technical information from the selected areas of issues that are closely relating to the selected topic and technical aims of the future dissertation thesis. On the basis of an analysis of gained knowledge and skills they carry out experiments, evaluate and process their own gained outcomes. Students prepare theoretically defendable conclusions that will be formulated and presented to the expert public. In the final phase of the study students are provided with real conditions for working their thesis up which brings new information in a discipline of their interest.


1. – 13. Week:
Drawing up the theoretical part of the thesis. Support of a second year PhD student of similar research background, carrying out of experiments and/or simulations. Publications. Attendance at conferences, congresses etc. Submission of the final project report.


Knowledge at the level of a graduate student of building construction study programme.
Experience is an advantage.

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14 credits



Forms and criteria of assessment

course-unit credit

Specification of controlled instruction, the form of instruction, and the form of compensation of the absences

Extent and forms are specified by guarantor’s regulation updated for every academic year.

Offered to foreign students

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13 weeks, 6 hours/week, compulsory