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Engineering Geodesy

DEB066 course is part of 4 study plans

Ph.D. full-t. program DPC-GK compulsory-elective Winter Semester 2nd year 8 credits

Ph.D. combi. program DKC-GK compulsory-elective Winter Semester 2nd year 8 credits

Ph.D. full-t. program DPA-GK compulsory-elective Winter Semester 2nd year 8 credits

Ph.D. combi. program DKA-GK compulsory-elective Winter Semester 2nd year 8 credits

Accuracy analysis of measurement and setting out of basic geometrical quantities. Two step accuracy analysis of fundamental methods of horizontal setting out. Checking of setting out parameters in building industry. Special local geodetic networks - methods of determination, combination of various mesuring technologies, optimization procedures. Precise applications of GPS static and kinematic methods in engineering geodesy. Measurement of displacements and deformations of structures and constructions (general analysis approach, evaluation methods, stability assessment of points, interpretation of results). Special problems of engineering geodesy in building of underground structures.

Course Guarantor

prof. Ing. Otakar Švábenský, CSc.


Institute of Geodesy

Learning outcomes

The aim of the course is to acquire complex knowledge about contemporary technologies and methods of engineering geodesy, especially the progressive measuring instruments, methods of data collection and advanced data processing and evaluation procedures. Processing of data acquired by different technologies. Output of the study is knowledge of advanced methods and technologies of enginering geodesy.


Methods of mathematical analysis. Methods of adjustment of geodetic networks. Fundamentals of satellite methods, GPS. Methods of statistical data analysis and processing.

Planned educational activities and teaching methods

Teaching methods depend on the type of course unit as specified in the article 7 of BUT Rules for Studies and Examinations.

Forms and criteria of assessment

Passing oral examination

Specification of controlled instruction, the form of instruction, and the form of compensation of the absences

Vymezení kontrolované výuky a způsob jejího provádění stanoví každoročně aktualizovaná vyhláška garanta předmětu.


3 hours/week, 13 weeks, elective

Syllabus of lectures

1. Advanced methods of accuracy analysis, two step analysis of horizontal setting out.
2. Check measurements, checking of setting out, evaluation of final parameters.
3. Special local networks for engineering purposes, combination and integration of heterogeneous measurements.
4. GPS in engineering geodesy, precise applications of static and kinematic methods.
5. Deformation measurements of structures and constructions, advanced deformation analysis, modern approaches.
6. Underground surveys, setting out and check measurement of tunnels.