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Principles of Business Economics

BVA002 course is part of 3 study plans

Bc. full-t. program BPC-SI > spVS compulsory Summer Semester 1st year 5 credits

Bc. full-t. program BPA-SI compulsory Summer Semester 1st year 5 credits

Bc. combi. program BKC-SI compulsory Summer Semester 1st year 5 credits

Area of civil engineering and the construction company, foundation, rehabilitation and the downfall of the firm Activities in the construction company, organisation and production, outlet, sale, marketing Investment activity in the firm, finances, taxes, construction orders and prices, contractual agreements

Course Guarantor

doc. Ing. Tomáš Hanák, Ph.D.


Institute of Structural Economics and Management

Learning outcomes

Gaining knowledge about the basic disciplines of business economics with a focus on construction. The ability to understand the economics of building production, pricing with regard to the conditions of the construction market. The acquisition of basics skills, in particular in the field of contractual relations, contractor, customer, wages, finances, taxes, and investments in the construction business. The ability to compile bill of costs for the pricing and costing of a structure. The ability to assemble the unit price of construction works using cost and profit calculation. The ability to orientate in the construction and obtain information about financial resources for construction investments.


Knowledge of fundamental economy terms and relations. Basics of macroeconomic and microeconomic theories.


Costruction-technical knowledge of construction proces. Knowledge of project activities.

Planned educational activities and teaching methods

The course is taught through lectures, practical classes and self-study assignments. Attendance at lectures is optional, but attendance at classes is compulsory.

Forms and criteria of assessment

Evaluation of gained knowledge is in form of written test. Test is passed with obtaining 50 points as minimum. Passing the exam is partly completed with oral exam. Evaluation of skills is done on practices. Into account is taken the attendance and passing the written test with examples of calculation of economic indicators and estimating.


To get knowledge about particular fundamental disciplines of business economics with re-spect to building production. Ability to orient in economy of building production and in valuation with respect to conditions on building market.

Specification of controlled instruction, the form of instruction, and the form of compensation of the absences

Vymezení kontrolované výuky a způsob jejího provádění stanoví každoročně aktualizovaná vyhláška garanta předmětu.


2 hours/week, 13 weeks, elective

Syllabus of lectures

1. Position of the firm in the national economy, branch of civil engineering and construction company.
2.–3. Characteristic of the firm, specifications of the construction company, production, planning, controlling, investment activity in the firm.
4.–5. Firm’s finances and economic information, taxes.
6.–8. Material and inventory, labour, working machines and machinery.
9.–11. Construction orders and prices, bills of costs.
12. Distribution, sale, marketing.
13. Contractual relations.


2 hours/week, 13 weeks, compulsory

Syllabus of practice

1. Introduction, program of instruction,instructions and guidelines.
2. Classification.
3. Contract for work, an action for payment of the work price.
4. Investment.
5. Depreciation.
6. Taxation.
7. Accounting and finance.
8. The cost of material and equipment.
9. Wages.
10. Calculation of works.
11. Price of structure.
12. Credit test.
13. Credit.