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Building physics 3

Academic Year 2023/24

BHA035 course is part of 1 study plan

BPC-EVB Winter Semester 4th year

Energy performance of buildings.
Energy performance of passive houses.
Airborne and impact sound.
Spatial acoustics.
Insolation of buildings.

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Knowledge of design and composition of building structure, knowledge of thermal engineering, acoustics and daylighting.

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2 credits



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course-unit credit

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13 weeks, 2 hours/week, compulsory


1. Energy performance of buildings – basic acquaintance with selected software, methodology of calculation and evaluation. 2. Energy performance of buildings – imput of the object, software specifications. 3. Energy performance of building – calculation and assessment. 4. Energy performance of building – variant solution of the given building. 5. Energy performance of of passive houses – basic introduction to software, calculation methodology. 6. Energy performance of of passive houses – individual assignment. 7. Calculation of daylighting – legislative requirements, calculation methodology. 8. Calculation of insolation – input of model example, assessment, suitability of design and possible solutions. 9. Calculation of daylighting and insolation – the effect of the variant solution on the energy performance of building. 10. Calculation of airborne sound of structures, requirements, evaluation and optimization of the appropriate structure. 11. Spatial acoustics – introduction of selected software. 12. Spatial acoustics, assignment of the assessed building, simulation of various examples and sources of noise. 13. Spatial acoustics, evaluation, methods of solution.