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Physics III

Academic Year 2022/23

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Thermics – basic notions, kinetic theory of gases, thermodynamics, phase transitions, heat transfer, laws of heat radiation.

Heat conduction - first and second Fourier's laws, steady thermal state, Newton's law of cooling, heat flow in walls, temperature profile, air cavities, inhomogeneous layers, effective coefficient of thermal conductivity, thermal and electric circuits, two-dimensional heat flow.

Photometry – photometric quantities and units, sensitivity of human ayes to light, light radiation of point and plane sources.

Daylighting - model of winter overcast sky, daylight factor and its components, transmission of light through windows, Daniljuk's nomograms, Waldram's diagram, BRS nomograms, mean value of the overall daylight factor, correction for geographical orientation.

Course Guarantor

prof. RNDr. Tomáš Ficker, DrSc.


Institute of Physics


Basic physical knowledge of thermodynamics, heat conduction, photometry and daylighting. Creation of a fundamentals for the special subjects: building thermal technology and daylighting.


The subject is based on the home study of students following syllabus given by the teacher.


The knowledge of physics and mathematical analysis from the secondary school is required.

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2 credits



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course-unit credit and examination

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13 weeks, 4 hours/week, compulsory