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Robotics and 3D Printing Lab

Laboratory of robotics and 3D printing

Laboratory of robotics and 3D printing

Leader: Ing. David Bečkovský, Ph.D.

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The laboratory focuses on innovative applications in the field of construction, mainly by developing and implementing robotic and 3D printing technologies for the production of building elements and structures. The aim is to make production more efficient and accurate, reduce costs and increase the sustainability of construction processes. Through active cooperation with partners from industry and academia, we integrate the latest technological innovations and research findings into practice. We contribute to the expansion of possibilities, development and modernisation of the construction industry.\n\nThe Laboratory of Robotics and 3D Printing works closely with Jan Pěnčík's research group on the development of material models of precast concrete mixtures for 3DCP and its use in the design of load-bearing structures of civil engineering structures, e.g. interior staircases and load-bearing walls.

Outputs (patents, utility models, practical implementations, etc.)
  • Oběžné kolo, 36043, užitný vzor, 2022

  • Prototyp elementů vegetační fasády realizovaný 3D tiskem ve spolupráci s firmou TOPWET

  • Spolupráce na realizaci prototypu dobíjecí stanice s firmami Vesper Homes, Parametr studio





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