Organisational Structure

Institute of Building Testing

Professional Focus

  • The Institute of Building Testing is focused on the research and development of diagnostic and test methods in the field of civil engineering, assessment and evaluation of existing structures, laboratory and field testing of structural units, elements, components, details, and models, including specific properties of building materials.
  • An important field of specialisation is the development and implementation of experimental methodologies and test procedures for testing models, members, details and parts of building structures. In cooperation with theoretically and structurally specialised institutes, it participates in the development of modern theories for the design of new structures and the evaluation of existing structures.
  • With regards to experimental diagnostics, the institute deals with destructive and non-destructive testing of building materials and structures and guarantees research and development in this field.
  • A specific area of interest is the application of radiation defectoscopy methods in the civil engineering. The laboratory of radiation defectoscopy comprehensively deals with the issue of ionising radiation in civil engineering, from the use of radiation for diagnostic purposes (radiography) and its measurement (natural radioactivity, radon volume activity) to protection against the effects of ionising radiation.