• Step 1 Nomination

    You must be nominated by your home university – you need to ask your international mobility coordinator to send your nomination and the required period of study in Brno to:

  • Step 2 Application

    You must complete:

    • the online e-application form
    • the learning agreement (or traineeship agreement) and state the required period of study and selected courses.

    Electronic applications for the academic year 2022-2023 may be submitted in the following periods:

    • 30. 3. to 30. 5. 2022 (for EU students until 15. 6. 2022) study at the FCE during the winter semester (Sept 2022-Jan 2023) or for the full year
    • 15. 9. to 30. 10. 2022 (for EU students until 15. 11. 2022) to study at the FCE during the summer semester (Feb-June 2023)

  • Step 3 Documents

    When the mobility coordinators have approved your Learning Agreement, you must print out the e-application protocol and the Learning Agreement from your e-application, sign the forms and have them signed and stamped by your institutional representative. Finally, you need to scan the documents and send them to pospisilova.a@fce.vutbr.cz. The deadline for sending the documents is:

    • by 15. 6. to study in Brno for the winter semester or the full year
    • by 15. 11. to study in Brno for the summer semester
  • Step 4 Accommodation and Visa

    You can apply for accommodation in a BUT hall of residence by completing the online Request for Accommodation.
    If you have to apply for a visa, it is strongly recommended that you arrange your accommodation well in advance, as you need to provide confirmation of accommodation as an integral part of the visa application procedure.

After we have received all the documents, we will send you a Letter of Acceptance and return the signed Learning Agreement.