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Project Management of Building Constructions 1

BV008 course is part of 1 study plan

Bc. full-t. program nB > E compulsory Winter Semester 4th year 6 credits

In this course students will acquaint with the history and present of project management. Attention is also focused on projects associated with construction. Project life cycle is divided into individual phases, which provide the organizational and plan their course. Scheduling techniques focusing on the use of network analysis for term, resource, cost and financial planning are discussed. Part of teaching is also managing issues of risk management in construction. Students will acquaint with Microsoft Project.

Course Guarantor

Ing. Martin Nový, CSc.


Institute of Structural Economics and Management

Learning outcomes

Students will gain general knowledge and skills of project management. They will learn specific techniques and methods in construction project management. They are able to use network analysis for term, resource, cost and financial planning. They manage the issue of risks in construction. They are acquainted with Microsoft Project. All forms the knowledge base for the realization of projects for the investor.


General knowledge of construction production in Czech Republic, legislative processes associated with construction development, documentation of construction projects, technology of construction production and basics of network analysis.


To understand the basic terms of leadership and management in the construction industry, identifying the principles and methods of management, the definition of communication, decision-making and control processes.
To obtain basic information about environmental management systems and quality management.
Business and civil proceeding obligational relations. The most frequently used types of contracts. Basic system information and status of the Building Act.

Planned educational activities and teaching methods

The teaching is divided into lectures and seminars.
PowerPoint presentation is prepared at every lecture by lecturer. Basic depiction ideas are developed further orally. Discussed theory is by options completed by brief examples, diagrams, pictures or graphs. Partial block of teaching is at the end of a brief summary and control questions verify its understanding. At the end of the lecture, students are invited to discuss.

Forms and criteria of assessment

Study of the course is concluded by credit and examination.
Credit is given after completion of all obligations, i.e. attendance, submission of partial assignments and successfully passed credit written work.
The exam consists of written and oral part. Attendance at the test is conditioned by awarded credit. The written test consists of five questions. After a positive evaluation follow an oral examination with the debate over the three issues, which are selected from previously known list.


To get common knowledge and skills of project management and adopting concrete procedures and methods of construction project management. Necessary knowledge for planning and management of projects from the investor’s side. Presumption for acquiring project manager certification in Czech Republic according to IPMA policy for level D „Certified Project Management Associate".

Specification of controlled instruction, the form of instruction, and the form of compensation of the absences

Vymezení kontrolované výuky a způsob jejího provádění stanoví každoročně aktualizovaná vyhláška garanta předmětu.


2 hours/week, 13 weeks, elective

Syllabus of lectures

1. Introduction to project management – historic evolution, current conception, suitable use, subject and content, fundamental terms
2. Project connected with construction, construction as subject of construction project, participants of construction process, construction code
3. Pre-investment phase of project, initiation, goals setting, documentation, project management, feasibility study
4. Evaluation of project proposal, planning, structuring of construction project, structuring of construction object
5. Work organisation of project, construction project participants, organisation structure, ways of construction, personnel provision, project manager
6. System of construction project planning, historic development, types, actualisations and levels of project plans, techniques of project planning, terminal planning
7. Network analysis, CPM, PERT method, Gantt chart, planning of sources, planning of sources outputs, sources histogram, cost planning, financial planning
8. Financing of project, proposal prices of project works
9. Relations between participants in investment project, work contract, mandate contract
10. Risks and changes management, risks engineering, risks in construction, project risks management
11. Construction management models, software Microsoft Project
12. Project controlling, analysis of achieved performance values and progress of project costs, system of progress reporting and cost controlling
13. Information for construction and civil engineering, termination of lectures


2 hours/week, 13 weeks, compulsory

Syllabus of practice

1. Program of teaching, instruction and guidance. The interpretation and practical examples - Modelling of course of the project, methods and examples of the use of network analysis
2. Examples of calculation of network graph, reserves and their use
3. The course of a construction project. Processing flowchart of construction project, correction network graph
4. 1st task - project definition by method of the logical framework, processing a problem analysis
5. Continuing work on the 1st task, processing a target analysis and own logical framework
6. Public presentation of the project definition by method of the logical framework by each group
7. 2nd task – processing of structural plan for particular building
8. Continuing work on the 2nd task
9. 3rd task – processing the organogram and functional diagram for particular building
10. Correction 3rd task, credit test
11. 4th task - Processing and analysing well arranged a schedule of particular building for gross phases of planning and realization, updating and modification of this schedule. The part of this task is processing a costs plan, deployment plan of factual resources and financial plan
12. Continuing work on the 4th task - correction
13. Continuing work on the 4th task – correction. To submission of all processed documents in an envelope. Credit