Study program

Geodesy and Cartography

Abbreviation: I Code: P3646 Type of study: doctoral programme

Awarded degree: Ph.D.

Level of qualification: doctoral (third level)

Awarded qualification: Ph.D. in the field of "Geodesy and Cartography"

Program description

Geodesy and Cartography - Doctoral study programme with Full-Time Mode of Study in Czech

Organization and the rules for examination, assessment and grading

Examination rules

Course completion requirements

doctoral exam, PhD work defense

Form of studies

full-time study mode

Program guarantor

prof. Ing. Otakar Švábenský, CSc.

ECTS coordinator

prof. Ing. Drahomír Novák, DrSc.

Study program fields

study program fields Field of study Years of study field in the program
GAK Geodesy and Cartography 1st 2nd 3rd