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Institute of Railway Structures and Constructions provides education in these courses:

Bachelor's Study Programme

BO01 Engineering and Transport Structures (part Transport Structures)

BN01 Railway Structures I

BN02 Railway Structures II

BN03 Field Training

BN51 Bachelor Seminar (K-ZEL)

BN52 Mechanization and Realization of Railway Structures

BN91 Environment and Transportation Structures

BN92 CAD in Transportation Structures

SN01 Railway Structures I

Subsequent Master’s Study Programme

CN01 Railway Constructions I

CN02 Geographical Information Systems

CN03 Railway Stations and Junctions I (DST)

CN04 Railway Constructions II

CN05 Railway Stations

CN51 Selected Problems on Railway Structures I (DST)

CN52 Diploma Seminar I (K-ZEL)

CN53 Selected Problems on Railway Structures II

CN54 Railway Stations and Junctions II

CN55 Selected Issues of Traffic Engineering

CN56 Diploma seminar II (K-ZEL)

HN51 Transportation structures

Doctoral Study Programme

DN61 Permanent Way Theory

DN62 Railway Substructure Theory