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Diploma Seminars Dates in Winter Term of the Academic Year 2016/2017

Seminars for the subject CN052 - Diploma seminar will take place at these dates:
21st September 2016 on 10 o'clock,
16th November 2016 on 10 o'clock.
The purpose of the seminars is to evaluate the advances with diploma theses and to consult the elaboration problems. Every registered student is expected to come as well as every thesis supervisor. The term for submission of the finished theses is set to 13th January 2017, expected date of the Final state examinations is set between 30th January 2017 and 3rd February 2017 (most likely Tuesday 31st January and Wednesday 1st February 2017).

Call for Travelling Expenses Withdrawal (this year's Field Training)

Students, who have applied for the Travelling expenses return for this year's Field Training are called to withdraw their refunds from 27th October 2016 by the Department secretary. Refunds not collected before 1st December 2016 will forfeit.

The Date of the Juniorstav 2017 Doctoral Conference was set

The well established conference of Postgraduate students Juniorstav 2017 will take place at this date:
26th January 2017.

Detailed information about the Conference will be published on the Conference website, or on the official Facebook profile (Czech language version only).

Field Training 2017

Field Training for academic year 2016/2017 will take place in Velke Pavlovice in two terms:
27th May - 2nd June 2016
3rd June - 9th June 2016
The dates and times of the compulsory lectures for preparation for the Field Training will be announced at the beginning of the summer term of academic year 2016/2017.

Detailed information could be found under this link, please notice that information provided are for overview only, since it is related to the Field Training in 2016. Furthermore only Czech language version is available.